Double Skin


Air blow FCUs comes in double skin casing as default with 25mm thick PU insulation with Linear bar grill on the supply side and Filters on return side. Units are designed for free throw application with a minimum static to have a better air throw and remain silent.

Salient Features
Double Skin 25mm Panel thick construction
Optimum design with low height construction
Motors with overload protection temperature sensors
Low noise aluminum impeller construction
Counter flow design for high efficient cooling / heating coils
Multiple row deep options for 2 pipe and 4 pipe operation
Range – 200 CFM to 1200 CFM
Double skin construction with PU Foam (or) mineral wool insulation
Single Phase PSC AC motor with IP20 protection
Multi Speed Motor
Cooling coils for High Delta T application for District Cooling
Stainless Steel drain pan for condensate removal.


Single Skin
Air Handling Units are designed to create a symbiosis of heat, ventilation and air filtration.
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