These diffusers are duly powder coated extruded/ stamped aluminum muti-cone ceiling diffuser with removable core. Square diffuser is generally used for constant or variable air volume for heating, cooling, or ventilating purpose. It is used to direct air diffusion for space coverage. Also used for return air to maintain matched appearance. Surface mounted or suspended grid systems
Engineered air distribution pattern for 1, 2, 3 & 4 way flow in wide range of square and rectangular neck size. Removable core is attached with spring so that it can be easily remove without using tool.
These diffuser ranges has been designed for both supply and exhaust applications requiring diffusers in circular shape. Manufactured from high grade Aluminum spinning with “Normal” or “Step-up” ring placement. Available with a range of dampers and equalizing grids for effective control of air distribution. Engineered air distribution pattern for all directional flow in circular neck size.
These diffusers are powder coated aluminum rotatable jet nozzle and diffuser which allows both jet/diffusion mode. Neck size 250 mm dia, 315 mm and 380 mm. These high flow Jet diffusers are suitable for wall/ceiling mounting application for large volume of air handling and longer throws. These have unique feature of setting the device both for diffusion and air jet. Also the universal joint type setting allows both Jet/Diffusion in any desired angle. The diffusers are versatile in application by virtue of the novel "reversible and rotatable" core design which allows the air jet to be adjusted for both pattern and deflection. Unit may be mounted individually or in banks in bulk head arrangements or directly into stub ducts.
These Diffusers are duly powder coated extruded Aluminum ceiling mounted multi-slot Diffuser with adjustable air discharge pattern for horizontal or vertical directions provides draft free comfort vanes. Generally used for supply air & return air application only. Multi-slot Diffuser - model: GL-SD Extruded aluminum construction. Pattern control designed for easy adjustment of flow with back adjusting vanes.
These diffusers are duly powder coated aluminum double skin eye-ball type rotable jet nozzle .This type of supply nozzles are capable of delivering air to spaces where long distance penetration and low noise levels are required. Suitable for cold and warm air supply applications, these versatile adjustable units are ideal for providing focused ventilation or where precision is required. Where grouped penetration can be considerably enhanced. Rotating nozzle provides a long throw jet pattern. Field adjustable pattern and direction – from the face of the outlet.
Single skin eye ball diffuser is also available.

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